Case Study for Turkish Airlines
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UI&UX Design
About This Project

(Re) Design of THY iOS APP

Turkish Airlines is the largest carrier in the world in terms of passenger destinations, providing flights to over 300 places in over 120 countries. THY iOS App is fifth on the travel category on Apple Store, but the app still need a lot of improvement tweaks, especially on typography hierarchy and certain user flows.

PROBLEM: Improving the app’s booking flights flow, focused on enhancing the visuals and user experience.

Based on Heuristic Analysis on new and advanced users, the app needs improvement on visual hierarchy, 2 user flows and visual design. Round trip ticket purchase experience is smooth for a new user, but multiple city or flexible date options for booking a ticket needs tweaks and enhancement both visually and structurally, even for an advanced user.


On-boarding is fast and easy, doesn’t force to create an account
Takes the user to the core product as soon as possible with the BUY a TICKET and CHECK IN buttons on the welcome screen
Overall, if the travelers dates are settled, users didn’t have problem booking their Round trip tickets.


Main problems users had, were when they book for multiple cities and flexible dates.
Poor page hierarchy mainly on typography and font sizes.
Distant, robotic language, doesn’t reflect the hospitality and kindness of Turkish Airlines staff on board. The app should speak the users language and can be more welcoming.
Pinch or zoom is required on some pages like ticket summary.
How the app shows error states needs improvement
There is a room for an UI & UX Designer to analyze, build and improve the after process of buying a ticket for a higher customer retention.


Turkish Airlines is going through major changes as the full opening of its new hub at Istanbul Airport. The company needs to improve its digital products in a way that is more simple, user friendly and efficient. A more refined, clean and unified look was my inspiration, along the design process.