Cosmos Bunny
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About This Project

“My heart has been touched by exquisite souls from many cultures and my lungs filled up with the most breathtaking views. My spirit has flown with adventure and my mouth has dropped open in awe.” 


Rebecca Campbell sums up my years of world traveling. Cosmos Bunny born on a humid night in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia. Shaped more by seeing the Moon Rabbit sign when riding a motorbike in Bali. Got deeper by meditating with the ancient souls in Peru.

The bunny soul is a woman fully in her power. She’s connected. She is the one who knows that there’s more to this life than actually meets the eye. She knows that in any given moment, she can be a hot mess, a woman of grace and beauty, angry and grief-struck, loved and pleasure-sated, tired and soft or raw and vulnerable.

“We are each sunbeams from the same sun and drops of water from the same ocean.”


Cosmos Bunny is a self exploration illustrations turned into jewelery and prints.